CASE has launched its Early Riser planter with the choice of six or eight rows after listening to customer demand for smaller versions to suit a wider range of uses.

Case launched the 2130 Early Riser planter in 2018 as a 12-row model as a derivative of its 2000-Series of planters that have a design to promote faster crop emergence and more uniform germination in a wide range of crops.

The latest 2110 Early Riser has a small configuration than the 2130 and now comes as a six-row or eight-row unit, down from the previous smallest unit that had 12 rows.

CNH Industrial Seeding and Tillage product manager Andrew Kissel said the new model fills a strong need in the market.

“When we first launched the Early Riser series, the most common question we got was: ‘Do you have an eight-row version?’ So, now we have all the key features and benefits of the Early Riser in a smaller package that suits a wide variety of customer businesses.”

He said the popularity of the Early Riser series was its rugged row unit for accurate planting that boosted the levels of efficiency and accuracy.

“The factor that differentiates this row unit from anything else in the industry is the ground-engaging components. It uses a reduced inter-diameter gauge wheel that is pulled, instead of pushed like a lot of other machines on the market, giving the planter a much smoother ride,” he said.

“The Early Riser double-disc opener uses a leading disc, instead of nose-to-nose, which gives us a narrower opening angle, taking less horsepower to pull and creating a softer side wall in the furrow for early root growth.

“The furrow-forming point and shoe smooth the bottom of the trench and keep it open long enough for all the seeds to get down to the same depth, delivering more uniform emergence.

“Our two-stage closing system follows along in and ensures good, consistent seed-to-soil contact and this is a big contributor to fast germination.”

The unit’s automatic and in-cab adjustments help the operator to adapt to different field conditions and can be run through either an ISOBUS compliant or AFS Pro700 display.

He said that cotton industry was a key focal point for the introduction of the new planter as many Australian growers are using eight-row configurations.

But he said there were many opportunities beyond cotton.

“One of the great things about these machines is the range of crops we can plant with them, and plant very accurately,” he said.

“We have customers doing canola with them in the NSW Central West, corn in the NSW North West and peanuts and soy beans in North Queensland.

“The 2110 Early Riser is such a flexible machine and incredibly accurate compared with a lot of others on the market.”

The new planter was launched at FarmFest at Toowoomba in June and will be at other national field days, including AgQuip at Gunnedah later this month and the Henty Machinery Field Days.

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