A CUSTOMER-first attitude has paid off well for Adelaide-based Nicola’s Machinery as it works with its supplier factories to constantly improve the reliability and efficiency of its tractor products.

Nicola's Machinery, established in 2016 in Adelaide and now with branches in NSW, Queensland and Tasmania, also backs the tractors it sells with an inventory of spare parts kept in stock for immediate delivery.

The business sells two tractors brand that originate in China — Trident that is chosen for value for money and reliability, and Lovol which is a brand known for high quality.

Nicola’s Terry Hu said Trident tractors were designed by the team at Nicola's Machinery over the past decade.

“These are made in China but to our design and using premium components from globally-recognised brands, including Deutz engines and Daye hydraulics, depending on the model.

“We ensure these adhere to rigorous production standards so the tractors are the most reliable and cost-effective of Chinese tractors on the market.

“In addition to carrying a complete range of spare parts, Nikola’s has fully-trained technicians and parts managers who will work closely with customers to identify any issues.

“We will send parts to our customers within next business day and will send people to customers for warranty work or will cary out a Facetime interaction or phone call to guide customers to fix minor issues.”

Mr Hu said Trident tractors were designed to be versatile and adaptable to a diverse range of farming activities.

“There is a range of models available with different horsepower options and attachments, allowing farmers to tackle diverse applications,” he said.

“The high-torque four-cylinder direct-injection diesel engine has no computer for easy maintenance. It is also powerful yet quiet and fuel efficient an comes with a high-quality ceramic clutch and heavy-duty transmission for a most reliable drivetrain system.

“Trident is a brand that offers good value for money — a balance between performance and affordability.

“In their segment, Trident is competitively priced compared to other tractor brands in the market so they are accessible to a wide range of farmers.” 

He said that while Trident tractors sat at the affordable end of the market, Nikola’s other brand, Lovol, was the premium offering.

Lovol Tractors are made in China and rate from 25hp up to 260hp. The brand is part of the giant Foton commercial vehicle business an has significant input in design from its European centre in Italy.

tractors are designed to provide exceptional comfort and reliability to the operators,” Mr Hu said.

“The company places a priority on the comfort of the driver to improve productivity, safety and well being.

“The reliability of the tractors — they way they’re designed and built using top-quality components — ensures consistent performance even in demanding conditions, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.”

Mr Hu said that the driving experience of Lovol tractors was comparable to that of well-known brands like John Deere or Kubota.

strives to match or exceed the performance and comfort levels set by these reputable competitors, making them a reliable choice for customers,” he said.


“The company invests heavily in research and development, as evident from their research centre in Italy that is staffed with a team of researchers and engineers.

“This focus on R&D allows Lovol to continuously innovate, improve their products, and stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and technologies.”

He said the brand has gained a remarkable reputation worldwide for their superior quality and exceptional after-sales support.

“It has successfully penetrated global markets, showcasing the unwavering commitment to delivering top-notch products and customer satisfaction,” Mr Hu said.

The Lovol tractors are available in a range of models designed for anything from small to large farms, and hobby to lifestyle property owners.

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