ONE of the world’s biggest tractor makers is expanding its footprint in Australia with sales rising on low cost of ownership, compact dimensions, efficient operation and compatibility with a range of factory-supplied multi-function attachments.

The Solis tractor brand is now India’s number-one farm machinery exporter and a major player in Europe, selling almost 1000 units of its 26 Series tractor in Germany alone in 2023.

Solis is represented in Australia by PFG Australia and this year, further increased its market with sales and support in Western Australia through Perth Power Tractors and Machinery (PPTM).

PPTM dealer principal Paul McGovern said the brand perfectly targeted the compact and lifestyle tractor market.

“Solis has gained momentum worldwide in the past few years and now is one of the world’s top-five tractor makers with more than 300,000 units produced each year,” he said.

“The popularity is based on successfully giving customers solutions to their business needs in a highly efficient and reliable tractor that has a low cost of ownership.”

PPT supplies the Solis 26 in different variants, including the most popular H26 HST that is chosen for its ability to handle a range of tasks.

The H26 is powered by the latest generation Mitsubishi STG three-cylinder diesel engine mated — in the HST version — to a two-range hydrostatic transmission.

Solis said that the transmission is the best choice for tasks that mainly include lawn care and garden maintenance and where the choice of attachments does not need to run at a consistent speed.

For the operator, the clutch-less HST model has instant shift from forward to reverse which is ideal when using a front-end loader, to move compost, manure or grass trimmings. 

A single control lever allows the user to vary the forward speed from 0 to full according to operator needs. 

Solis said that aside from its ease of use, the hydrostatic transmission smoothly applies torque and has the benefit of being quick to stop in the event of an emergency.

To make it as comfortable and easy as possible to operate, the H26 comes with cruise control, seats with armrests and suits a range of attachments including loader, mid-mount mower and slasher.

Solis also offers the S26 version which has a conventional sliding-mesh transmission with six forward two reverse gears.

The S26 has a three-point linkage mounted implement (600kg capacity), clevis-hitch ear drawbar and 540/1000 speed PTO.

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