GIANT agricultural company Case New Holland is to launch an easy-to-use and free platform for mobile and web for its global customers that allows them to manage their machines and operation data from anywhere and at any time.

FieldOps allows customers to view and monitor all their machines in one place instead of using multiple apps to manage their mixed fleet.

CNH said that New Holland and CNH will be the first in the market to make connectivity accessible to more areas that do not have consistent internet access through conventional cellular or terrestrial networks.

New Holland said FieldOps brings real-time monitoring, remote display viewing and intuitive user interface together into one comprehensive package to enhance how farming operations manage their data overall.

“Agriculture is becoming increasingly digitalised with an exponential growth in cloud-connected machines,” the company said at the platform’s launch.

“This means farmers need to avoid having fragmented digital solutions and multiple apps or platforms.

“Instead, the industry would benefit from an all-in-one, easy-to-use platform that unifies their core operational management needs into one place.”

It said that instead of using multiple apps to manage their mixed fleet, customers will be able to view and monitor all their machines in one place, centralising tools like New Holland PLM Connect into one platform.

“This gives customers easier access to their field and farm data and provides any connected operator the ability to manage their machines from anywhere at any time, via FieldOps’ mobile or web platform,” it said.

FieldOps’ key features include real-time machine monitoring — including precise location and duty status; remote view of in-cab displays for improved operator support; visualisation of agronomic data layers for a specific field over the course of the season; and machine health and activity monitoring to quickly spot priority issues.

The collaboration with Intelsat, which has been a leader in satellite communications for more than 60 years. solves a large customer challenge by providing industrial-grade connectivity that is built for farming.

New Holland brand president Carlo Lambro said: “Having this level of connection increases the value and benefits of precision technology for farmers everywhere.”

“Agriculture is changing rapidly, and farmers are increasingly asking us to support them with simple solutions for complex problems.,” he said.

“Our approach is always putting customers at the centre and it is our job to help by developing technological products that improve their productivity.

“FieldOps was created thanks to our customers’ feedback, prioritising simplicity and intuitiveness for the interface.

“It enables farmers to improve their efficiency and profitability, whether they’re investing in a new fleet or adding automation to their existing machines.”  

The New Holland FieldOps app is currently in its final stages of development and testing, with a full release expected later this year.

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