Gardening and landscaping businesses can increase their efficiency and income while boosting customer service by providing a wood chipper to reduce garden waste.

Access to a wood chipper means the gardening business can quickly and easily dispose of debris while giving customers an additional service of mulching for composting.

Garden trash is becoming a growing problem and having a business that can dispose of waste can quickly make it in demand by property owners who want a clean yard without burning the waste.

Investing in a wood chipper is a perfect way to set your business apart from the competition.Bandit wood chipperThere are a range of wood chipper models on the market, some compact hand-held units with others up to industrial scale and even custom-built models.

They also come in a variety of prices so there’s one for any job. We can assist you with getting the perfect one for your business so just call and discuss your needs. We can even provide a demonstration.

The size and power of the wood chipper will dictate how much material it can handle at once, so choose one that meets your requirements.

Custom wood chippers are available for businesses wanting more power or throughput.

Wood chippers are available from a range of hardware and specialist stores.

Bandit Tree Equipment Tree Equipment supplies high-quality equipment at affordable prices and has a range of quality brands available.

Bandit Tree Equipment also provides emergency operation services for assistance in operating or repairing your machine after purchase.Bandit wood chipper


As a tool for the professional gardener or landscaper, wood chippers are essential for quickly and easily disposing of large amounts of organic waste.

However, operators of these machines need to understand the importance of safety.

Wood chippers can work on a wide range of materials and material sizes, from small twigs and leaves to large branches and logs. 

Knowing your machine’s capacity will help ensure you don’t overload it or cause any damage due to overuse. It will also help avoid accidents, such as trying to feed too much material into the chipper.

Operators must also wear the proper safety gear, including steel-toed boots, gloves, hearing protection, eye protection, and long sleeves/pants that completely cover your arms/legs to protect against flying debris.

Additionally, if you are working near any electrical equipment or wiring, ensure no contact between them and the chipper blade itself. This could cause severe injury or even death. 

Inspect all parts of your machine before each use – look for signs of wear and tear that may indicate a potential problem.

Finally, it’s essential to exercise extreme caution when operating a wood chipper. Even with all safety precautions, there is still a risk of injury if not handled properly. 

Read and understood all instructions related to your particular model before using it and only operate a wood chipper after familiarising yourself with its operation manual. 

Additionally, always keep children and pets away from the area while working as even small pieces of debris can cause serious harm if they come into contact with skin or eyes. 

Finally, there’s always someone to help you. If you feel uncomfortable performing your wood chipper, stop immediately until further guidance. 

In this case, contact Bandit Tree Equipment and we can help with getting the job done quickly and safely.

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